Monday, April 12, 2010

And the Winner Is.............

This has been such a long week...I didn't think the day of the drawing would ever get here. I've been so anxious to give away this lovely pie dish!

Before I name the winner, I thought I would explain how I did the picking. When I decided to do this giveaway, I was just thinking that I would do something like pick a name out of a to speak. I was talking to Michael and telling him about this giveaway when he suggested that I make a list of the entries in Excel with their names, along with a number for each entry then let Excel pick the winner...he's such a computer geek, but then that's one of the things I like about him. I laughed and told him that I didn't have a problem with setting up a list, I had already planned to do that, I'm good at making lists but setting up a formula in order to pick the winner was a whole different thing....I had no idea how to do that. My knowledge of Excel is very limited. So, once I set up my list....I added the name of each entrant along with a number for each chance (in the order that it was posted on the blog), I emailed it to Michael and he set it up so that all I had to do was press F9 in order to pick a number.

The list is ready and it's time to pick a winner. I'm going to press F9, 12 times (I couldn't decide whether to press it once twice or what so chose 12 because it's today's date). Here we go....and the winner is.....

neonsafari is the lucky winner of the Emile Henry Pie Dish.

Congratulations your name and address to me at,, and I will forward it to the people at CSN Stores and they will send out the pie dish.

I would like to thank CSN Stores and all of you who participated in this contest.

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Unknown said...

Congrats neonsafari!!!

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